We are an easy going advertising agency but only up to a point. Here is a short list of things that are likely to make us have an unhappy Wednesday morning.


  1. People harassing the ducks outside our office.
  2. Aggressive sales calls.
  3. Money spent on media that hasn’t had a thought given toward integration.


I sometimes wonder whether there isn’t a single, heinous personality type that is responsible for all three crimes, perpetrating against poor, unsuspecting birds, ad agencies and brands alike.


The reason we get irritated about the first two is, hopefully, obvious. But the third is a niche irritant (specifically getting on the nerves of media planners) and is worth unpacking.


First, lets look at the benefits of integrating media for a brand.


Integrated media delivers results that are greater than the sum of their constituent parts. Brands have to take (almost limitless) consumer choice into consideration when creating a media plan. Reaching an audience that uses disparate media is hard and doing so without taking that choice, or the relationship between different media, into consideration will result in a less effective overall campaign.


Integrated media takes into consideration the possible journey of a consumer. It maps a path across the media landscape, asking the consumer for permission to broadcast to them at a time and in a place that suits them best – and that is more likely to have the desired result for the brand. Media that isn’t integrated works in isolation and hopes to pick up attention without consideration for the previous or next step.


Does your digital strategy support your broadcast? Does your out of the home campaign have a ‘next step’ for the consumer (hint – it isn’t a QR code that takes them to a home page)? These are questions that any marketing team should be able to answer confidently – happy in the knowledge that their integrated media is working better, together as a unit.