We love working here at Hello Starling for several reasons; not least being able to do great work for wonderful clients and having a set of values that we feel proud to stand by.
But right up there are the people we work alongside, and none more so than our MD, James Robinson. You may have noticed his name in the papers recently after he met a homeless couple and, feeling like they could do with a break, paid for them to stay in a hotel suite for two nights. It took a bit of effort to find a hotel that would take them as they had no fixed address, but in the end the Hilton in Cardiff provided both the luxury and flexibility.
It’s just him. James is an all round nice guy who wants to help. We understand why it’s news but if you knew him you wouldn’t be surprised. Nor to hear that this isn’t the end of the story, but the start.
John and Anna (the homeless couple) are going to be employed on a part-time basis by Hello Starling, to help with the roll-out of a charity venture to help the homeless in Cardiff: ‘There’s no place like homeless’.
That is a plan to develop a charity scheme where parcels will be given out to homeless people in the city centre, made up of sleeping bags, tents, toiletries, socks and underwear.
James: “As a business, we’re going to employ John and Anna, not on a full-time basis, but we’re going to give them some paid work on a regular basis to connect to the homeless community.
“We’re going to purchase things like sleeping bags, blankets, waterproof coats, tents and toiletries packs for men and women.
“It’s our mission that every homeless person in Cardiff will have one of these packs by the end of October.”
“We’re not a signposting organisation or a shelter or a hostel but we are a business that’s passionate about helping people and those who are most in need.”

We as a business will fund buying the items – and aside from the work John and Anna do for us will be volunteering our time.
There will be ways that you can help too, and we’ll be announcing just how via our newsletter shortly. Sign up (just underneath this post) to stay in the loop.