Campaign title: #singitkitty
Client: Three mobile
Agency: Wieden and Kennedy
Media format: Television and online


There’s a vicious divide in our agency with regards to the growing trend of cats making appearances in advertisements. Whilst our digital marketer refuses to support the trend based on her irrational fear of cats, others consider them “endearing” and “hilarious”. Katherine, our campaign manager, is arguing for the role of cats in media with this review of the “#singitkitty” campaign from Three.


We’re comparing the brand’s goals with post-campaign analysis, to reveal how Three’s media strategy resulted in such a hugely successful viral campaign.


Describe the campaign.


A second installment to the “we all need silly stuff” campaign, #singitkitty is based around the comedy video ad featuring a lip-syncing cat and an 8-year-old girl as they cycle around the neighbourhood singing along to their fave 80’s hit, “We Built This City”. An associated app was developed that allows users to create their own music video and then share these through social media. The campaign’s emphasis on digital activity supports the claim that Three is a “network built for the internet” (Tom Malleschitz, MD at Three).



What do you like about it?


epic song + cute kid + singing cat. It’s the recipe for a viral hit isn’t it really?


And with 73% of people stating they like the advert and over 5.3 million Youtube hits, they’ve done well.


The TV ad is genuinely hilarious – Three have managed to create something that you actually want to watch on repeat and share with your friends. As for the interactive app, frankly, it’s just a bit of a laugh, keeping inline with the campaign message of “we all need silly stuff”. And this is exactly what the brand were aiming for according to Malleschitz, who describes the app as “straightforward fun”.


How do you think it is effective in terms of engaging the desired audience?


Whilst the silly tone of the ad may give the impression that Three is run by a group 10-11 year olds high on sugar, the strategy is beautifully intelligent. And clearly works, with advertising awareness doubling since #singitkitty entered our lives. The goal was to get people sharing.


The campaign shows that Three really ‘get’ their customers and their online behaviour, by developing content that prompts social media activity. To make something worth sharing digitally, a video needs to be easily consumed, laugh-out-loud funny, and involve a cat (see below). The audience is looking for cute, entertaining and silly.


Three were bang on in their decision to use a cat in the video. Cats account for 30,400,000 million Google searches per month. That’s 19,300,000 more than Kim Kardashian. And, 3.8 million online photos and video of cats are shared every single day. Definitely worth featuring in a campaign that’s looking to gain viral momentum.


Furthermore, research shows that one of the most effective ways of engaging with Millennials is to give them an opportunity to create their own personalised content. The interactive #singitkitty app caters to this sublimely.


What is the key message?


The approach shows that Three doesn’t take themselves too seriously, they’re a fun brand. In their words “we all need silly stuff” and the goal was to “make people smile”. In my case they succeeded, ten fold.