We may have already mentioned it one or two (thousand) times already on this blog, but a coherent campaign and a holistic media mix is far more effective than the sum of its parts. All of which means we can’t get enough of research like that done by the UK based neuroscience market research company, Neuro-Insight.


They were asked by an Australian media company (Ooh!Media) to take a look at how TV and online video advertising influenced the response to out of home advertising.


Neuro-Insight tracked the brain patterns of a focus group while they watched a series of 60 adverts on TV and online. The key moments (indicated by the most activity in the brain) were registered and then, after a week the focus group were shown a series of outdoor adverts. Some of those adverts included imagery from those key moments.


The results were dramatic. The research found that ad recall was an impressive 42% better when the key moments were included in the out of home advert execution.


We know from experience that a mix of TV and outdoor can work together to enhance the overall impact of an advertising campaign on the target audience. First, you need to have an idea of how the mediums can affect each other.


  • For example, out of the home advertising reinforces television messages when viewers are away from their homes. It minimises wasted coverage and improves advertising campaigns by providing the ability to target ad messages geographically.

  • Television can be expensive. Out of the home advertising improves the efficiency of a television campaign by driving down the cost-per-minute.

  • Out of home is particularly useful when it comes to reaching a demographic of TV consumers who are younger and more mobile than more traditional, heavy TV viewers.


Good media planning isn’t just about knowing what media works well in a given situation, or for a certain target audience, but also how different types of media interact with each other. Getting to grips with an effective media mix might not be straightforward, but it will achieve results that individually thought out, retrofitted channels won’t.