“The WRU have been the guardian’s of Wales’ national sport since 1881.”

When asked to consider leading Welsh brands, the Welsh Rugby Union consistently features at the top of people’s lists. Whilst already a household name, the forward-thinking organisation is not one to rest on its laurels, constantly looking for opportunities to build their profile and, crucially, sell rugby tickets. This is why the WRU turned to us, the home of leading Welsh brands, to manage their TV planning and buying.


We’ve been working with the WRU for two years, creating strategic TV plans that ensure the brand is seen by the target audience when and where it matters most. Like Brains, the organisation is well-aware of who they need to be targeting. The WRU is a strong brand with strong ideas. You’d be wrong (but not alone) in thinking that when it comes to selling rugby tickets, you’re looking to reach an exclusively male audience. In actual fact, behavioural analysis reveals that efforts need to be directed towards the decision makers of the family household, i.e. the wives and mothers.


This research helps form the rationale behind the TV media plans that we generate for the brand. In the 2013 Autumn Internationals campaign, we used a mix of advertising through ITV Wales and Sky Sports. The national broadcasting effort secured massive and varied audiences, from sports fans keen to soak up the live atmosphere of match day, to families looking for a day out with some buzz. Our work with ITV Wales alone reached hundreds of thousands of adults across Wales, with adverts featuring within commercial breaks of huge hitters such as X factor and Coronation Street.


Here at Hello Starling we share similarities with the WRU in that we never rest on our laurels. With every media campaign we deliver, we run post campaign analysis that is always shared with the client. We use the process to review the strengths of our work but also identify areas for improvements, constantly looking to increase the effectiveness of future projects.


With 96% of British homes owning a television, TV advertising is one of the most effective media platforms for brands wanting to target just about everyone! We’d happily sit down with you to discuss how TV advertising could fit into your marketing budget, so do get in touch.