According to the recent Warc Expenditure report, UK ad spend grew at a five-year high rate in 2015. The total market reached £20.1 bn, recording a growth of 7.5%.


Almost across the board, categories performed solidly or extremely well. Predictably, internet and specifically mobile ad spend performed best – with internet ad spend increasing 17.3% to reach £8.6bn and mobile growing an incredible 61.1% to £2.6bn.


Spend on TV rose 7.3% to a new record high of £5.3bn, while within the category video on demand increased 20.7%. Cinema adspend reached a record high of £238m thanks to a rise of 20.8%, driven by blockbusters (the latest in the James Bond and Star Wars franchises for example) and a renewed appreciation for the effectiveness of the medium when used as part of the media mix.


Elsewhere, radio and out of home both saw increases of 2.9% (to £592) and 3.9% (to £1.1bn) respectively.


Spot the ‘almost’?


National newspaper brands saw an 11% fall in ad spend in 2015, down to £1.2bn: quality titles recorded a 9.6% loss and tabloid/popular press fared even worse with a 16.2% decline. The summer of 2015 in particular, with dips of 30% in the print advertising market, has been called ‘a perfect storm’ for national papers. As always, we stand by print as an ad medium that works, both in terms of reach and efficacy, and also look forward to a positive digital future for newsbrands, especially once the power of 46 million monthly users (“even more than the number of people who use Google in the UK”) has been more effectively harnessed.


Overall, these are highly promising figures that look likely to be chased by equally positive numbers in 2016. We’ll keep an eye out on both the overall and individual categories and let you know how the current year matches up, but in the meantime, any questions about any of the above – you know who to ask.


By Oliver Brown