The latest creative work from Bulmers in their “Live Colourful” summer campaign, brings art to alcohol, and I like it. Actually, I love it.


The project had seven British artists working collaboratively to develop outdoor, print and digital OOH designs that were identifiable and distinctive in the ever competitive flavoured cider industry. The print ads below, created by Duncan Edwards and Paul Knowles, have specifically caught our attention. The collection of work emphasises the brand’s focus on variety, with five diverse designs, each promoting a different flavour from the product range.


Jacco van Der Linden, the marketing director of Heinkenen describes the campaign as “a celebration of Bulmers’ diverse and exciting range of flavoured ciders and a manifestation of the brand belief that variety and choice – living colourfully – leads to more vibrant and exciting consumer experiences.”


The product-focused design uses mixed-media, featuring a photographic image of a Bulmers bottle covered in an expressive splashing of acrylic paint on a clean white background that acts as a canvas for the otherwise maximalistic design. The bold colour palette hints to the fruity flavours of the product, whilst the explosive, vibrant style and careless brush strokes embody the “exciting customer experiences” the brand is selling. The individuality of the artwork is designed to make the customer feel unique for choosing Bulmers.


John Thomas, Head of Creative Services, compares the design style to that of the late Jackson Pollock, whose volatile personality was expressed in his abstract expressionist work (see The Stone Roses’s self-titled album for similarly inspired work).


The new artsy look is a real refreshment for the brand whose previous advertising campaigns focused on their heritage (2012) and the natural British outdoors (2013).


The cider industry is currently awash with innovative and brave communication approaches, with news of Kopparberg’s recent collaboration with Stylist and Shortlist magazines and Strongbow continuing to push their controversial ‘Earn It’ campaign.


I am especially looking forward to seeing what Magners’ marketing team brings to the table this Summer, as Bulmers’ main competitor, and possibly sampling a couple of brand products myself…


By Angharad Edwards