This time last week we started our mission to become Adonises by taking up the challenge of Active April in aid of Llamau.


Although this challenge started on April the first, this was certainly no joke. After an Easter of indulgence we decided to throw out (or quickly consume) the last of our chocolaty treats, to put down the Cadbury bars and empty Freddo wrappers, in favour of a different kind of activity altogether.


The challenge was for at least three members of the team to commit to at least 30 minutes of ‘getting active’ for every day in April. Any member of the team not meeting this challenge would be fined £1 into the Llamau penalty pot.


Like the true champions that we are, as yet, not one of us has failed to step up to the mark. Whether it be our design man Andy Begley hitting the beach to go surfing, or our media planner Aaron McManamon forking out his hard earned cash to join up for a gym membership (for the first time in four years), it’s fair to say that we are working our little socks (or vests) off for this one.


Whilst we’re hoping to see drastic and necessary improvements to our fitness levels, the reason why we’re really keen to make this commitment is a lot bigger than that. Llamau is the leading Homelessness Charity for the most vulnerable Young People and Women in Wales.


For anyone who watched generation homeless on ITV last night you would have seen what it’s like to be young and homeless in the UK. It is clear that this is a real and urgent problem. With more than 80,000 young people in the UK experiencing homelessness each year any small help that we can provide really is a necessity.


As the ‘provider of choice’ for helping young people and vulnerable women in need of urgent assistance Llamau go to the heart of this problem and, in short, connect with people where others cannot.


So, please, please, please join us as we support this incredible charity, by sponsoring us on our month-long mission. To donate simply visit our JustGiving page and follow the instructions. Help us help the most vulnerable in our community and donate today!


By Team HS