Good leadership looks and feels different to different people. And while it’s a part of your everyday life, it’s not often you get the chance to sit down and think about what it looks and feels like to you. But in the run up to the Leading Wales Awards, that’s exactly what I asked the team to do.


Here they share their thoughts on leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly.


1. What type of leader do you hope to become in the future?

“A better one!”



2. Where do you go for leadership tricks of the trade?

“Our whole team are signed up to receive weekly emails from LMWthis is my personal top pick so far. As a self-diagnosed control freak, I welcome any advice that stops me from micromanaging!”



3. You’re finding your leader hard to work with. What do you do?

“We’ve all been leaders and we’ve all led. One of the most important things I’ve had to learn is that you’re wrong to wish that everyone works and thinks the same way as you do. You need different perspectives and skillsets on any project, so while it can be frustrating, that’s something I often think back to whether I’m leading someone or being led by someone else.”



4. How do you think being a manager and being a leader differ?

“A leader is someone who paints a vision and gets people excited about the journey they’re about to go on, a manager is someone who is responsible for delivering the leader’s vision. I do think however there are times where you can’t be one or the other and you have to do both. The analogy I once heard was ‘the leader is the architect and the builder is the manager’.”



5. Looking back at some of the best leaders you’ve worked with – what traits did they carry?

“A love of their job/role/subject.
Respect for those they lead.
Intelligence. “