Clear, Concise, Compelling.


Three words that pretty much sum up a good advert.


It’s obvious what it’s selling, it gets to the point and, most importantly, it engages people.


Simple right? Worryingly, it seems not. More and more advertising seems to forget, one, two or all three of the C’s.


Some can be concise and compelling but leave you mystified as to what they’re trying to sell.


Big sale on Leopards, Cartier?



Others will overload you with information, disregarding all three:



No one’s going to stop and read this, even if they do manage to understand it.


So it’s important to keep the three C’s in mind.


Be Clear


People need to get your message, it can be clever, but you need to allow audiences to reach the right conclusion easily.


If it’s confusing you’re more likely to annoy people than draw them in, or your ad might even be saved and re-used to prove a point in a blog one day…


Be Concise


Audience’s attention spans are short. They’re short across the board, but shorter still across online and outdoor advertising. You need to get your message across with strong imagery and copy that gets to the point to ensure your audience has the time to take it in, move on and become a customer.



Be Compelling


Make it look good. It’s not rocket science knowing that if your advert looks nice it’ll get more interest. Beautiful imagery that tells a story will always win out over cluttered images, clashing colours and too many words.


Moreover, truly compelling adverts tell a story, they paint a scenario with subtlety and give their audience’s imagination a bit of credit.



So, if you want results, create adverts that are understandable, get to the point and always tell a good story.