A great report from Up to the Light, ‘How to punch above your weight’ which provides lots of insight into the relationship between the design agency and commissioner, is worth reading for clients and agencies alike. It’s hard (although of course worth the effort) to always see things from the other side of the fence. What we expect from each other, what we do well and where we fall short all need constant appraisal. If we are able to see things from a client’s perspective we are going to be able to do a better job for them.


The added value section particularly chimed with us:


68% of clients believe that their design agency could be more proactive in adding value and sharing knowledge.
Before going on to say that clients want their agencies to be ‘their eyes and ears’.


This value is very close to our hearts so it was great to see it also mattered to many on the client side of the fence. We want our clients to see us as a specialist department within their own organisation, distilling the niche jargon, industry developments and our expertise into honest advice (and an excellent final product).


That’s the idea anyway. We will continue to listen to our clients to make sure that we understand how things look from their point of view, and to challenge ourselves accordingly.


By Oliver Brown