If you were wondering when to start planning your next campaign the answer was probably about a week ago. But that’s always true.

With clear light at the end of the lock-down tunnel in England and a glimmer of sunshine for Wales, it’s time to start thinking what your bounce-back will look like. So when is a good time to start advertising again?

Now is the best time to be planning and constructing what your ‘new normal’ will look like.

So here are some things to consider:

What resources do you have? 

Try and find the best way to maximise what resources you have. Did you pause a campaign that was running before lockdown? Could that budget be used on a different, more effective media platform for your relaunch campaign? 


Think about how any current assets – artwork, content, ad-media – could be repurposed for a relaunch campaign.


And assess the best deals you can get for a campaign. Your media agency has relationships in place and knowledge of the media landscape that could help your budget to go further than you imagined.

Despite lockdown easing, many media owners are still offering special deals, incentives, and stimulus packages on products and services to try to reignite their normal stream of business. These won’t be around forever and now is a great time to secure deals ready for your relaunch campaign when lockdown does finally come to an end. 

What key events are coming up that you could use as a springboard? 

Bouncing back with a campaign is important and ‘when lockdown comes to an end’ seems like an obvious time to launch, but it’s worth keeping in mind dates and events important to your industry, your customers, and your brand. 


Is there a meaningful moment coming up that could give you a springboard to launch into your relaunch? An anniversary, a public holiday, a news event? Or even the weather?


These things are always important to consider when planning a campaign, but many (if not all) organisations will be planning relaunch campaigns so you’ll need something that will differentiate you – something that will set you apart from the rest of the noise.

What media is working well at the moment? 

The media landscape has changed just as the rest of the world is changing right now. We made some predictions early on and all are holding true.


Viewership on TV has increased, radio figures have taken a big jump and digital media is booming with many still stuck inside consuming media from their homes.


Out of home media has suffered, for obvious reasons, and media owners are currently offering some good deals but will be back to normal/under pressure from a surge of bookings soon as brands start buying up space for their own relaunch campaigns when they know people will be back on the streets.

Some media owners are also offering 28-day cancellation/deferral of campaigns (compared to the three months allowed before COVID) throughout 2020 to mitigate the risk of booking and then being stuck with a campaign if things change. So campaign bookings can now be more fluid and reactive too.

Your friendly neighbourhood media agency is best placed to advise you on current trends, (if you don’t have a media agency, here’s some advice on how to pick one), and the best media spaces to use for your particular brand and messaging – it’s shifting every day and it will help to have experts on hand to get you the most up to date information and the best deals.

What messaging should you be using? 

As always, It’s important to stay true to your tone of voice, but these are exceptional times, so if you want to expand on your usual tone, go for it. Just remember to be honest and open – if you’re excited to be reopening express why – what are your core values? How will you be helping now you’re ‘relaunching’? What is your purpose?

Not everyone’s going to be solving the world’s problems (though some of you might be!) with your product or service in most cases, but it’s good to give your customers some reassurance that you’re there for them, whatever it is you provide. And remember to connect on a human level as much as possible. 

Most importantly, keep it simple; clear, concise, and compelling.

People are being bombarded with a lot of information at the moment; from the government, their bank, the local post office – everyone’s trying to communicate (to varying degrees of success) their place in the pandemic. If you can keep it simple it makes it easier for your audience to engage with your message.

Can you set the narrative for your ‘new normal’?

This may not be entirely up to you, but how do you want your organisation to behave, communicate, and engage in your ‘new normal’? Will it be the same, or is it time to reinvent and become a version of yourselves you’d always wished you could be before?

It may sound like a big ask, but it’s something to consider. Now is your chance to control your narrative post-COVID (if we’ll ever be post-COVID).

A recent YouGov poll shows that only 6% of the UK want to return to the pre-pandemic economy.

People are looking for a change – overwhelmingly they’re asking for a ‘fairer and greener’ economic future. Now’s the chance for your organisation to be part of the new future people are looking for.