Media planning and buying is a key service we provide, because we know we can do a better job than just about anyone else out there. You can do it in house of course, just like you could design the billboard or write the copy in house. Your project is only as strong as its weakest link though. If that wonderful copy doesn’t get seen by the right people at the right time it may as well be woeful copy for all the good it will do. We have thought long and hard about the exact services we offer, making sure that we only provide what we know for a fact will provide value to our clients.


We are, however, what is known (usually disparagingly) as ‘middle men’. Although we have yonks of cumulative experience and expertise, media owners sometimes like to create direct relationships. We don’t have anything against this per se, media owners certainly play an invaluable role in building and delivering on a media plan. But unless you happen to have the expertise in house, you’ll lack the ability to look at the bigger picture, to understand the media habits of your audience the way we do, to know what worked, what didn’t and why. The classic way for owners to create this relationship is to offer a lower price for a specific site/campaign than has been negotiated via your agency. These rates will go right back up next time around and you’ll still be none the wiser as to why the campaign worked or flopped.


We’ll help you reach your audience, providing a long term service, rationale and (in the long run) a heck of a lot more value.


Sometimes it’s worth trusting the experts.