Although it is a bit on the safe side (it would have been interesting to see what might have been) the logo for the Sochi 2014 games is highly effective.


It’s minimal for a start, like all the best Olympic logos, and definitely gives a hat tip to Russian futurism. There are no hand drawn elements, instead, for the first time a domain name takes centre stage – not so much to remind people what the web address is, as to integrate an abbreviated country label into the logo. People (well, me anyway) have to check to see where Lillehammer (home of the ’94 winter Olympics) is, but thanks to the .ru logo (and maybe this video), that fate certainly isn’t going to happen to Sochi.


One of the reasons countries fight to host the games is because of the positive association and the Sochi logo designer, Interbrand, have ensured that the association will have a long shelf life.



By Oliver Brown