We recently reported that between April and June 2014, OOH advertising reached its fourth biggest quarter in history and it’s easy to see why. Check out what our media folk believe to be the top reasons to include Out-of-Home advertising (specifically billboards) in your next marketing campaign.


Cost-effective – Music to every marketers’ ears, of all media platforms OOH advertising has the potential to reach the largest audience, the highest number of times and across the longest time-frame at the lowest cost per thousand.


Free to consume – Unlike owning a television or surfing the net, stumbling across OOH advertising is utterly cost-free activity.


Broad targeting – Due to the open nature of OOH, billboards, bus shelter posters and taxi wraps are seen by all types of people and are a brilliant way of gaining large-scale, general brand awareness – simply getting your name in front of people.


Strategic placement – That being said, certain roads are known for attracting certain types of people (perhaps the route provides access to a large school or industrial site) and this knowledge allows media planners to suss out more tactical ways of reaching your specific audience when required.


Unavoidable – Unless someone makes the conscious effort to avoid walking/driving in areas that host OOH advertising (bit weird if you ask me), they are going to stumble across the odd billboard. With little else distracting them, the chance of the viewer absorbing the marketing message is greater too.


24/7 – OOH ads never switch off and thus provide a constant visual trigger. With regular passerbys viewing the same billboard several times over a campaign period, repetition rates (and in turn, familiarity figures) are high.


Billboards are big – Quite literally. 48 and 96 sheet billboards demand attention. Furthermore, as a stand-alone format billboards do not compete with other advertisements for attention.


To the point – The average billboard is viewed for 3 seconds. This means that the message needs to be to the point and easily absorbed, the perfect opportunity for a brand to deliver their core message and not bury it under unnecessary detail.


Higher OTS (opportunity to see) – Simple, there have never been more commuters on the roads more parents (anyone spending their mornings in the Newport Road traffic can vouch for this) which means more people are commuting, which means more people are likely to see your billboard.


If these points have lead you to think about adding some rather smart OOH to your marketing mix, drop us a line and we’ll be sure to have a chat about how we can make the media platform work for you and your brand.