Magazine circulation has been fluctuating in the last few years, but some titles are holding strong.

The majority of high street magazines like NME, Cosmopolitan, Empire and Good Housekeeping have circulation numbers ranging between 200,000 and 500,000. Big numbers when you consider their specialist subject areas and these numbers are just the tip of the media iceberg. They all have extensive social media followings and large numbers of site visitors.

Magazines highlight something that’s happening a lot amongst media; a crossover between mediums – magazines and newspapers are now also very much digital content producers as well as print. They’re bloggers and tweeters and posters as well as journalists and feature writers.

As a traditional medium, magazines allow for a much more considered approach to advertising, unlike media such as out of home, social media and online adverts, audiences tend to spend longer viewing print adverts. This means designs can be more detailed, more informative and, in some cases, spread over more than one page. It’s rare to have the luxury of your audience’s time and attention in modern advertising so magazines can be a valuable addition to any campaign.

The broad palette of magazine themes means there's one for every audience.

They’re also a great way to target specific audience groups based on interest. Every magazine has a specific focus and a breakdown of their audience demographic. Combined with careful audience research we’re able to get the right audiences to open up to clients’ adverts as they browse their favourite topics. And, if the advert fits seamlessly into that experience, you can achieve fantastic results.

Magazines are still an exciting media format and we love using them when the project is right. Because they also pack a punch online now too they offer well-rounded advertising opportunities. The future of print media may be in doubt, but right now they still offer the many brands a valuable platform.

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