Press, despite its reported decline in the last few years, is still a valuable media space for advertisers. Particularly when you take into account the specific audience types to whom the various press titles circulate.

Despite a decline we in the UK still spent a collective £2.7 billion pounds on newspapers in 2020.

However, press means more than just newspapers now. In the advertising world, press titles are often bought as a joint package targeting those reading news the old fashioned way and those getting their news online.

Press reaches people across platforms.

News organisations, regulatory bodies and specialist research companies, like Newsworks and JICREG keep a careful eye on audiences and provide precise numbers and research about every individual title in the UK. Because of this, we are able to put together highly targeted media plans to get your press adverts in front of your target audience whether using space in print publications or online.

Press also provides the opportunity to deliver a combination of engaging, concise display adverts and long-form messaging in the form of advertorials (promoted articles) depending on your campaign objective.

All of this adds up to press still holding a valuable place in most media plans.

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