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People are sometimes surprised at how well radio still performs and the effect it can have on advertising campaigns.

The most recent RAJAR (Radio Joint Audience Research) reports show that an average of 90% of the British adult (15+) population still listen to radio over 20 hours a week. So it’s far from becoming obsolete. However, much like television, it is evolving.

With the emergence of digital radio, the move of some programming online, the rise of the podcast, and the introduction and growing popularity of smart speakers radio has become more diverse and in turn more complicated.

Far from being a bad thing, however, this provides an exciting opportunity for us to develop more targeted strategies for radio advertising. There is now a vast amount of stations and programming on offer, each has its own specific output and audience following. So, we are able to get clients’ messages to the right ears by selecting the ideal stations to match their audience. We can also focus the message geographically by utilising individual transmitters covering specific areas. Having these options means we can reach just the right people when they need to hear the message to gain conversions and achieve results.

From radio to podcasts, what people engage with matters. We can target based on their interests.

One of the best aspects of radio advertising is its ability to build a brand in a cost effective way. Though it can’t reach the heights of TV it is often a lot more affordable (and quicker) to create radio ads than TV.

And they work well! Audio messaging provides the opportunity to give your brand or organisation a voice; a human touchpoint that can engage and connect with your audience in a real way.

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