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Social advertising’s presence in advertising campaigns gets bigger every year. And for good reason!

Its targeting capabilities are exceptional; the data it provides for every aspect of the campaign, from the device used to gender and age, is invaluable; it’s affordable, we’ve delivered extremely low-budget campaigns for our clients and achieved incredible results. And most of the world uses it. And that’s just Facebook.

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for B2B advertising. Instagram has an ever-growing youth audience, migrating away from Facebook, so it works brilliantly for advertising brands and products connected with pop culture and campaigns with a strong visual focus. Pinterest offers some exciting opportunities for creativity, Twitter delivers well on creating conversation around a message and Snapchat’s emerging ad platform provides some promising advertising opportunities like location-specific filters for events again engaging a younger audience with exciting creative opportunities. And then there’s TikTok - the fastest growing platform in the world and one that engages audiences in a whole new way.

And breathe.

Social media offers an array of platforms to connect with your audience.

It’s all very exciting for us as new opportunities arise every day because of competition between the platforms (unless Facebook buys them all). It means we can keep pushing the frontiers of what’s possible for our clients’ campaigns.

One of our most successful social media campaigns, for example, was One Last Breath, for Welsh Water. We made use of Facebook’s ability to deliver 360 immersive videos to promote the client’s message of reservoir safety to young people and their parents separately.

Welsh Water

56% reduction in incidents

A campaign designed to save lives delivering the message to the right people across Wales.

Social media is also a brilliant place to extend the reach of an advertising campaign without extra investment. People love to comment, react to and share on social media, it’s what makes the platform so successful. If your message is strong enough, if it adds something to people’s social media experience or even just looks good enough, your adverts are likely to take on a life of their own, gaining impressions and conversions from the natural flow of social channels.

Social media works brilliantly when used in conjunction with many different media types. It often features on our media plans as it offers a chance to collect informative data and enables us to maintain consistency during a campaign. We can target the same people that would have seen your TV advert at home or billboard out on the street, show them a related advert on their social feed and ask them to convert. Creating those all-important results.

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