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Best media planning and buying practices for clients

What happens when clients and media agencies, sing from the same hymn sheet?

Our media planning and buying team enjoy working with organisations from a large variety of backgrounds.

Naturally, we always aim to deliver the best possible advice, service and results but we find that the highest quality work comes when clients and media planners are singing from the same hymn sheet. Shared (high) expectations. Realistic appraisals. Clear communication and understanding.

Of course, we have our own best practice in-house but after countless initial meetings, we came to understand that we were often introducing a best practice (of sorts) for our clients too. For the duration of our work, we are a team and we achieve the best results when we perform collectively.

Here are a few of the pointers we would recommend any organisation consider when starting to work with a media planning and buying agency.

Singing from the same hymn sheet means shared expectations, realistic appraisals, clear communication and understanding.

Know your target audience.

Obvious (and it’s fair to say most of our clients are extremely prepared in this area), but always worth reiterating. We have a serious range of tools to help us find out about the demographics and habits of your target audience, but no one will know about your relationship with your audience the way you do, and we are going to have to tap into that if we are going to reach (and engage with) them effectively. Why have they come to you in the past? What will attract them in the future?

Measure success.

We use metrics wherever possible but it’s hugely important you do too. What numbers really matter to you? Focus on those and (with our help) we will find a way to measure them. Concentrating on important numbers will help provide a focus for the campaign and, of course, allow us all to see what went right and where we need to improve.

Integrated media.

Buying media that doesn’t work together is a wasted opportunity. All of our media plans work together and work better as a result. Approaching your campaign, from the start, with this in mind will get you thinking in a way that will help achieve better results.

Be open-minded.

There is no one solution to any problem. Effective media plans usually involve a variety of media, so we would advise any potential client to lose the mindset that there is a ‘perfect’ media platform for their needs. That is very rarely the case. Being open-minded to new ideas might feel like a risk but we have been doing this for a long time and would never recommend a course of action we didn’t a) have a rationale for or b) have every confidence in. We treat your budget with the same care we treat our own.

Also, effective media plans are often updated, so just because something worked for five years – doesn’t mean we will recommend it next time around. The worst trap to get stuck in is to repeat old mistakes on the basis of old successes. Trust your media planner and judge them on their results.

Finally, talk to us!

We have learnt so much from our wonderful range of clients that we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this. We are always available and always open to ideas and thoughts.

In fact, we actively encourage questions no matter how important you feel they are. You never know where they will take us and, regardless, always help us to get to know you a little bit better.

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