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New media, old rules

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away, was a magazine. Its name was Nuts...

OK, you get it.

Why old media hasn't gone nuts for new rules.

The magazine Nuts closed and was one of the big titles that really didn't keep up with the times (see what we did there?!). Despite many magazines departing from printed material, there are many that still want to play by the old rules.

We, as media planners and buyers, think there are lessons that can be taught to those media owners.

Don’t offer what is freely/better available online.

The readers of Nuts refused to pay for a magazine when it was so freely available online. And if you do offer content that is easily found online, make sure your digital wing is ready and correctly positioned (a la The Daily Mail) to control the sector.

Different demographics will stay longer to print, longer than others.

Men’s lifestyle, in general, is going through a tough transition – and the younger, brasher end of that sector ishas suffered worst of all. Along with Nuts, Zoo and FHM have been casualties, haemorrhaging readers in a way that Men’s Health and Esquire are not (quite).

Different formats have been consumed by digital, quicker than others.

Pictures and short copy? Its natural home is online. Long-form copy? Arguably its place in the world is still print-based. When thinking about where their brand/product would best be placed, this is a key issue for marketing teams too.

New media, old rules.

Despite all of the format upheaval (and it’s safe to say that just like Nuts wasn't the last magazine to disappear for these reasons), the brave new digital world is still very dependent on traditional models of advertising.

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