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The benefits of taxi advertising

Branded taxis often form a key part of our campaigns, whether as a stand-alone out of home element or as part of a wider integrated campaign.

Taxi adverts offer universal coverage by targeting mass volumes of consumers, providing city-wide reach for brands and ensuring a message is seen by the right people, where and when it needs to be.

So we're exploring some of the reasons why taxi advertising makes it onto so many media plans.

Taxis dominate key areas.

Taxis stand out

Take a minute to look at traffic next time you find yourself in a car park or stuck in a jam. Most vehicles blend into the crowd. A taxi with a branded livery jumps out of that crowd. Given good creative, taxi advertising looks amazing.

They aren't lazy

Taxis never stop. They can ’own’ a city centre. They cover a huge amount of ground, far more than any purely static out of home campaign could, providing excellent frequency and blanket coverage, 24/7.

They're adaptable

Taxi ads are hugely adaptable. There is a range of formats (both internal and external), while the number of cabs involved and length of the campaign allows for a range of budgets. Compared to other out of the home formats, taxis advertising can be surprisingly affordable.

They're premium

Taxis are both a premium travel format and a premium advertising format. They attract those who can afford the fare and provide the same air of exclusivity to brands.

Taxis attract those who can afford the fare and provide the same air of exclusivity to brands.

Taxis follow the money

Taxis naturally appear where money is. For a campaign looking to target the AB – ABC1 demographic (who on average use taxis several times a month) in a specific location, the taxi is a format that needs to be considered.

They are non-selective

Despite attracting high-end clientele, taxis (and the advertising that runs on them) are a thoroughly non-selective medium with a mass audience. They spend their time in built-up areas where lots of people will see them.

They dominate

Taxis dominate key areas. Ranks are found at train stations, airports, and of course, high streets, providing a brand presence when it can be most effective when people are already in the frame of mind to spend.

They're a medium people spend time with

Internal taxi advertising (including tip seats and digital screens) provide further branding opportunities. Most journeys take between 15 – 20 minutes, and within the rarified confines of a taxi, the brand message won’t have to fight for attention.

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