What is media planning?

Media planning is about connecting people with brands.

Actually, we could expand on that statement a little: it’s about connecting the right people with the right brands. An effective media plan is vital for everyone involved in making sure an advertising campaign achieves set objectives. Delivering those objectives and making the most out of a budget is the job of our media planner and buyers.

Media planning and buying is about connecting the right people with the right brands.

The process starts with a conversation – a discussion between the client and the media planner, through which the marketing objectives and the target audience are identified.

Using knowledge and research looking at consumer behaviour, the media planner is then able to select the most effective media platforms through which to reach this target audience.

Furthermore, demographic insight allows the media planner to suss out when and where to advertise.

Radio ads on the morning commute.
A TV spot during Corrie.
Billboards on a busy arterial road.
A double-page spread in TV listings.

Just to name a few.

Our media planners are experienced with various media and communication platforms (keeping abreast of developments) and how different audiences interact with them. They combine creative thinking with factual analysis to decide which media platforms to use, how often and for how long to ensure a brand’s message is delivered to the target audience.

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