“Brains is Wales’ most celebrated drink. It is the toast of a nation.”


Sometimes we work with brands who don’t know where to start when it comes to identifying their audience, let alone communicating with this audience. Other brands, having spent years studying the characteristics and behaviours of their customers, know exactly what they’re talking about. Brains, well, they are most definitely the latter.


Since 1882, the leading Welsh brand has been quenching the thirst of ale drinkers across the UK. We’ve been providing media planning and buying services for Brains since 2011. From the outset, our goals were to increase sales for a variety of products both on and off brand, and simultaneously build brand awareness within Wales and across the UK.


Brains approached our media team with a clear understanding of who they wanted to target – 25-55 year old males of the ABC1 demographic. We took this insight, did our homework, and identified the most effective approach for reaching this target audience as they move along the customer journey. We then took a further step back and devised when and where to display the brand in order to interact with the audience when most receptive.


A key influencer in our strategy was Brains’ sporting associations including sponsorship of the Welsh Rugby Union, a relationship that is hugely valuable to the organisation and further drives the tie between ale and rugby. As the official ale of the WRU, targeting rugby spectators was an obvious but fruitful avenue.


We continue to plan all Brains media campaigns to kick off in accordance with the rugby season, in the Spring and Autumn. The brand must be unmissable on match day. We use a calculated mix of out-of-home advertising to achieve this, placing ads where we can guarantee they’ll be seen by rugby spectators. This includes advertising in train stations known to transport supporters to and from matches, specifically in Cardiff Central – just a stone’s throw away from the Millennium Stadium. Billboards located across Wales are used to catch the attention of consumers whilst out and about, only ever a short walk from their local Brains-serving establishment.


Furthermore, we place advertisements in national newspapers to reach a wider audience in the home, including the Telegraph and the Times. We specifically target the rugby coverage on sports pages.


We constantly monitor the success of our media efforts for Brains and use the learnings to evolve plans and strategy accordingly. We’re looking forward to an exciting future with the organisation, exploring a variety of new media avenues and further building the brand’s reputation as Wales’ most celebrated drink.