The most closely watched media space at the moment, online advertising is an exciting part of modern advertising. It’s also something we enjoy using (and we’re pretty good at it too).

Online advertising consists of adverts placed on websites (via different methods – we’ll get to that), search adverts that appear on internet browsers like Google and Bing and pretty much any advert you see on the internet. All except social media, that’s a slightly different kettle of digital fish. But it goes beyond that, there’s also email advertising, in app ads and even audio adverts on platforms like Spotify.

The digital world is a busy place, so it takes a good understanding of the vast array of options and ways to aim them to get the right people at the right time.

That’s where we come in.

We can deliver your ads to your audience of BMW driving, non-smokers who read only broadsheets and we can make sure those ads only hit while that audience is experiencing fair weather with a cool easterly breeze, on a Saturday evening, in their recently renovated semi-detached homes in Norfolk. Yes, it really can be that precise.

It takes a lot of research for us to find out if that really is your audience and that is the right time for them to receive your adverts, but it can make all the difference.

Achieving the best result for a campaign is really important to us and online advertising offers one of the best, most accountable ways of achieving those results. Every impression, engagement and click through can be measured and tracked.

We use methods, like tracking pixels, to track individual engagements with your adverts to the point of conversion. From the moment someone clicks on your advert we can tell you if that click earnt you any money, gained you a new follower or increased the length of your mailing list.

Whatever the objective, online advertising is great for result gathering and audience research.