31.4 million people still regularly read newspapers in the UK - that’s 60% of the population.

Press, despite its reported decline in the last few years, is still a valuable media space for advertisers. Particularly when you take into account the specific audience types to whom the various press titles circulate.

News organisations, regulatory bodies and specialist research companies, like Newsworks and JICREG keep a careful eye on audiences and provide precise numbers and research about every individual title in the UK. Because of this, we are able to put together highly targeted media plans to get your press adverts in front of your target audience.

Newspapers also offer the opportunity for close targeting of geographical areas – every town and city have several local titles which tend to be more popular with various areas and demographics. This gives us the chance to be hyper-targeted with press in the right circumstances.

Then there are speciality titles like the Metro with which we can target commuters. We used this title’s South Wales publication to great effect with our campaign for Arriva Trains Wales promoting a big sale on advance fares. Their audience, in this case, were commuters in Wales and some border regions. The majority of that audience reside and travel in South Wales so it was ideal. The campaign itself delivered record-breaking results for the client and the press part of the plan was vital to its success.